Friday, June 19, 2009

Back on

We have a new date for Taye's surgery...July 6th. It kind of stinks that it is so far away again, but it does allow us to participate in other events (my grandpa's memorial service & a wedding in Chicago) over the next few weekends. It also helps that I don't have a date to return to work now, so we won't have to worry about that. We were already having discussions about what to do come August anyway.

Other than that, I'm now adjusting to having two kids with me all the time. We had still been sending Mikias to daycare a couple times a week, but that is now done for the summer. It would help if it stopped raining constantly. Mikias really, really needs to go outside and I'm running out of non-TV indoor entertainment options.


Mandy said...

Ben we should plan a playdate! LOL

I have tons of indoor play ideas if you need any. 12 years of experience I got creative. We use play doh, make puppets, collages, watercolors, and simon says is always a great time waster plus energy blaster. I have more but those are what we have done this week. Go to Michael's and get some craft things. Boys can craft too!

Anonymous said...

Lucky for you the forcast is mid-80s and sunny for most of the week. Time to bust out the pool, balls, bikes, etc.

Glad that you have a new surgery date. Hope all goes well for round 2.


Beth & Rico said...

Hang in there Mr. Mom - you're doing great!!